Fort Myers, FL, April 2008 - Crystek Crystals announces the release of a 1GHz SAW Clock Oscillator (CCSO). Crystek designed the module using FR5 PCB and SAW (surface acoustic wave) crystal technology to provide a low noise, low jitter performance with true SineWave output. The resulting oscillator features -142dBc/Hz phase noise at 10KHz offset.

Model number CCSO-914X3-1000 comes in a 9x14mm SMT package. It uses a +3.3V supply and generates a true-sinewave with +5dBm min. output power. The new CCSO has no sub-harmonics; second harmonic is -25dBc typical. The CCSO-914X3-1000 operates from -40C to +85C.

Applications include: system clock for network clock generator/synchronizer; clock for DDS; test and measurement; avionics; point-to-point radios; and multi-point radios.